• Process and Policy

    Veloce Partners’ services include assisting cities, counties and other public stakeholders in the design and implementation of affordable housing programs. Examples of this assistance include loan application underwriting and feasibility analysis, asset management, agency staff training, and policy and program development.

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  • Developer Services

    Starting from the earliest stage of development Veloce Partners can assist both for-profit and non-profit developers with evaluating alternative project concepts, financing strategies, and public and private funding sources. Thereafter, Veloce is available to support funding applications and project management during the development phase.

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  • Developing Hopeful Lives

    Veloce Partners is focused on bringing new hope to homeless, families and seniors in need of housing. Since 2006, the company has developed and rehabilitated hundreds of safe and affordable units.

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  • Diverse Applications

  • 100’s of Satisfied Users

    100’s of Satisfied Users

    Since 2005 AgileShip Connect has been working to streamline fulfillment, improve customer satisfaction and reduce transportation expense for hundreds of Epicor users around the world.

    This includes companies both large and small – working from a single location or with multiple distribution centers – in a diverse range of industries.

    Without exception, they are shippers who recognized that there is no need to choose between full carrier functionality and tight integration. AgileShip Connect’s flexibility provides these shippers with a solution that extracts all order related data, applies business rules and leverages the inherent advantages of carrier software.

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