• Optimize distribution with a full range of carrier services

  • By integrating directly with a variety of carrier software programs, AgileShip Connect gives you the ability to pre-select the optimal carrier and service level for every shipment you make. Domestic orders might ship with one carrier while another shipper handles international. Orders with certain flagged items might ship overnight while others ship ground.

    Once you configure its simple business rules, AgileShip Connect automates shipment processing and eliminates the common worries of shipping staff. The result is streamlined distribution, lower shipping costs and happier customers.

    Whether you ship parcel or freight, and work with one or more carrier software programs, AgileShip Connect supports them all.

    Access the full range of US and international services, including FedEx Freight, Canada FedEx Express, and time-in-transit for all shipments.
    Learn more at www.fedex.com/us/ship-manager/

    Access the full range of US and international services, including UPS LTL and Air Cargo, plus shipping from 140 origin countries.
    Learn more at www.ups.com/worldship/

    Take advantage of money saving US Postal Services, including Flat Rate and Priority Mail with Stamps.com.
    Learn more at www.stamps.com/

    Satisfy international demands with the full range of services available from the world’s largest parcel carrier, DHL.
    Learn more at www.dhl.com/easyship/

    Move goods to and from Canada with Purolator.
    Learn more at www.purolator.com/

    AgileShip Connect links directly to LTL freight management systems for instant access to hundreds of carriers and real time rating options. Carriers include YRC, R+L Carriers, Daylight Express, Pitt Ohio, SAIA, USF, Old Dominion, Roadrunner, CT, Schneider and ABF. Learn more by contacting an AgileShip Connect freight management specialist at 424.248.3093

  • Customize data to increase the performance of carrier software

  • AgileShip Connect LTL General SetupAgileShip Connect LTL General Setup Screen

    AgileShip Connect‘s Carrier Setup Module provides tools to quickly tailor data sent to FedEx Ship Manager, UPS WorldShip, USPS Stamps.com, DHL EasyShip, Purolator and Freight Management Systems.


    AgileShip Connect extends customization capabilities to freight shipments

    Customization with AgileShip Connect’s Carrier Setup Module cuts time required to complete each shipment and dramatically reduces errors. With AgileShip Connect, workers can often generate labels with a single click.

  • See AgileShip Connect in Action

    To learn more about carrier support and configuration capabilities for Prophet 21, contact AgileShip Connect at 424.248.3093