• Add full featured shipping capabilities to Prophet 21 Order Processing

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    Prophet 21 provides the power and flexibility to handle virtually any distribution process. AgileShip Connect extends that capability to shipping with a unique solution that leverages the most powerful carrier software programs.

    Operating as a centrally managed intermediary application, AgileShip Connect automatically queries and manages detailed Order Processing and Pick Ticket data. It then instantly transmits shipment information to preselected carrier software based on standard business rules. As shipping personnel complete each shipment, AgileShip Connect returns real-time tracking, transportation cost and freight charge allocation data, including that required for consolidated Pick Tickets.

    AgileShip Connect may also be configured to communicate with DynaChange Rules to gather shipping logic, trigger invoice generation, and display real-time carrier tracking information among other functions.

    To maximize efficiency and reduce operator errors, AgileShip Connect’s Prophet 21 Setup Module provides tools to quickly tailor both inbound and outbound data flows.

  • AGILESHIP CONNECT PROPHET 21 SETUP MODULE Agileship Connect Order ProcessingAgileShip Connect Prophet 21 Setup Screen

    Tailoring inbound and outbound data flows with the Prophet 21 Setup Module ensures the integrity of critical Pick Ticket information before and after shipments are made. Freed from multiple checks of order data accuracy, workers can process shipments more efficiently.

    The Prophet 21 Setup Module also provides companies the ability to ensure shipping activity continues in full support of existing sales and distribution processes.

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    To learn more about Prophet 21 integration and configuration capabilities, contact AgileShip Connect at 424.248.3093