• Maximizing People, Policy & Project Opportunities

    The development and sustainability of affordable housing stock is
    critical to the success of any community. Yet frequently developers,
    financiers, non-profit organizations and public agencies face almost
    insurmountable challenges meeting this civic commitment. Scarcity
    of funds, utilization of land, complexity of deals, and compatibility of
    development partners are just a few factors which stand in the way.
    With more than 20 years of experience in affordable housing and a
    track record supporting the creation of more than 6,000 units, Veloce
    Partners provides immediate solutions to identify opportunities,
    formulate plans, build partnerships and accelerate the development
    of truly affordable communities.


    Complimenting our advisory role, Veloce Partners is also a developer
    of affordable multifamily communities. Veloce Partners has forged
    partnerships with non-profits and public agencies to acquire
    properties, secure funding and manage the construction of more than
    600 affordable units, including award winning senior apartments and
    special needs housing with on-site social services. Learn more

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Take Advantage of AgileShip Connect’s Enterprise Capabilities

  • The AgileShip Connect Solution provides three powerful components to maximize the efficiency of any Prophet 21 shipping operation.


    asc-solution-componentsAgileShip Connect Cloud Maintenance is a secure web service utility that provides central control of AgileShip Connect’s PC client Administration System and Ship Station components.

    Whether you operate one or one hundred workstations in any number of different locations, AgileShip Connect Cloud Maintenance manages:

    With AgileShip Connect Cloud Maintenance, new workstations can be deployed utilizing managed configurations in matters of minutes. Moreover, Transaction Logs provide a permanent reference to measure performance and troubleshoot each workstation.


    system-setupAgileShip Connect Setup ScreenThe AgileShip Connect Administration System is a PC client application that provides three modules to configure each workstation for maximum performance.

    System Setup Module maintains:

  • Carrier Setup Module

    asc-carriers-admin-screenAgileShip Connect UPS General Setup ScreenMaintains all accounts, freight payment terms, services, options, and international goods data that AgileShip Connect automatically transmits to carrier software programs, including FedEx Ship Manager, UPS WorldShip, USPS Stamps.com, DHL EasyShip, Purolator and Freight Management Systems.

    Prophet 21 Setup Module

    Maintains all of the integration and configuration settings used by AgileShip Connect to retrieve detailed order data, process shipments, and update Prophet 21 with tracking numbers, transportation costs and allocated freight charges.

    The Prophet 21 Setup Module also includes a powerful Formula Builder that allows for the quick creation and easy maintenance of business rules and shipping conditions.

    With the AgileShip Connect Administration System, companies may realize all the advantages of a multi-carrier enterprise shipping solution without the associated cost and complexity.


    asc-solution-ship-station-screenAgileShip Connect WorkStation ScreenThe AgileShip Connect WorkStation is a PC client application designed to run on the same screen as carrier software programs.

    The WorkStation allows users to:

    With the AgileShip Connect WorkStation, shipping personnel can process transactions in a fraction of the time required by more complex, multi-carrier systems. This solution minimizes errors and maximizes the advanced capabilities of carrier software programs.

Experience Class Leading Implementation, Support & Maintenance

  • With AgileShip Connect, ‘Enterprise Capability’ includes our ability to provide customers, large and small, with outstanding service.


  • See AgileShip Connect in Action

    To learn more about support and maintenance programs, contact AgileShip Connect at 424.248.3093